Slow Cooker Aubergine Lasagna


Source: Courtney O’Dell / Sweet C’s
Cook time:  2 hours 30 mins
Serves: 6 servings


2 eggplants, sliced into long thing noodles with a mandolin
1 onion, diced
1 bell pepper, diced
1 cup of cottage cheese (or ricotta)
8oz shredded mozzarella cheese – set aside 1oz of this for topping
1 jar gluten-free pasta sauce


In a slow cooker dish, lay eggplant noodles down flat.

Layer a little sauce, peppers and onions, cottage cheese and mozzarella.

Repeat to make 3 layers with sauce, veggies, cottage cheese and mozzarella.

Add a final fourth layer of eggplant, top with sauce.

Cover and cook on high 2½ hours, or until eggplant is softened.

Sprinkle the 1oz of cheese that was set aside, over the top. Cover.

Let cook additional 10 minutes, until cheese is melted.

Garnish with red pepper flakes and parsley if desired.

Serve hot- makes fabulous leftovers.

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