Hello everyone, and welcome to the to the Ta’anugim Kosher Recipe Repository!

I initially started this site to have somewhere to save the tried and true recipes I have collected over the years, for future reference. I decided to share them with you all so that you might also enjoy some truly wonderful dishes and treats.

What does Ta’anugim mean? Ta’anug (singular form) means Delight. Pleasure. Enjoyment.

Ta’anugim are things to be savoured. My hope is that you will find something amongst this collection of recipes that will please your palate and make your taste buds hum!

Feel free to suggest your favourits, too. I’m generally open to trying anything at least once! And maybe one day down the line I’ll ask your permission to shareyou submissions here on the site 🙂

Thanks for visiting. Bon appétit – I hope you enjoy!

Wishing you all the best,